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ডিগ্রী তৃতীয় বর্ষ ইংরেজি তৃতীয় পত্র রকেট সাজেশন রিভিউ

হ্যালো বন্ধুরা রকেট স্পেশাল সাজেশন রিভিউ এ স্বাগতম।

Part : A (Passage-10)

  1. Passage :
    a) According to Aristotle, tragedy …. a reversal or both. 99%
    b) Changes in our society….challengege to family life. 99%
    c) Very often we say….are treated. 99%
    d) It is general belief ….very useful too. 99%
    e) A freedom fighter is….Bangladesh or the world. 98%
    f) Good manners form an….of the term. 97%
    g) Music can be compared to….are analogous. 97%
    h) Violence is a constant …. the girl world. 95%

Part : B (Grammar Part : 20)
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  1. Changed Words :–
  2. Fill in the blank
  3. Right form of verbs
  4. Antonyms or Suffix – Prefix
  5. Frame Wh-questions
  6. Re-arrange
  7. Punctuation
  8. Translate

Part : C (Writing Part-50)

  1. Paragraph :
    a) Price Hike, 99%
    b) Air Pollution. 99%
    c) Traffic jam. 99%
    d) Road accident. 99%
    e) Email/Facebook/Internet. 99%
    f) Food Adulteration. 98%
    g) Global warming. 98%
    h) A winter morning. 98%
    i) A Book fair. 97%
    j) Courtesy/Good Manners. 97%
    k) Importance of Technical Education. 97%
  2. Report
    Write a report for the newspaper on….
    a) Abuse of mobile Phone. 99%
    b) Freshes’ reception held. 99%
    c) Cultural programme held.99%
    d) Traffic Jam. 98%
    e) Safe roads in Bangladesh. 97%
  3. Letter :
    Write a letter to your …
    a) Describing the festival of Pahela Baishakh. 99%
    b) Recently lost his mother/father. 99%
    c) About your visit to Kuakata/Coxbazar. 99%
    d) Advising him not to smoke. 98%
    e) About Your Future Plan/Aim in Life. 97%
  4. Application :
    Write an application to the Principal ….
    a) Debate competition. 99%
    b) Common room/Library Facilities. 99%
    c) A seat in the college hostel. 99%
    d) Failure is the pillar of success. 99%
    e) Sound System in the Classroom. 98%
  5. Essay:
    a) Birds/Fruits of Bangladesh. 99%
    b) Danger of Smoking. 99%
    c) First day at Your college. 99%
    d) Flood In Bangladesh. 99%
    e) Female Education in Bangladesh. 99%
    f) Liberation war of Bangladesh. 98%
    g) Patriotism. 97%
    h) Tree plantation. 97%
  6. Amplify:
    a) A stitch in time saves nine.99%
    b) Tit for Tat. 99%
    c) No risk, No Gain. 99%
    d) Where There is a Well, there is way. 99%
    e) Grasp All, Lose All. 99%
    f) All that Glitters in not Gold. 98%
    g) A stitch in time saves nine. 98%
    h) Necessity knows no law. 98%
    i) Time and tide wait for nonsense. 97%
  7. Dialogue :
    a) About Child Labor. 99%
    b) Future career/Aim in life. 99%
    c) Tree Plantation. 99%
    d) Bangla Academy Boimela. 99%
    e) World Cup Football/Cricket. 99%
    f) Use of Internet/Mobile. 98%
  8. i) Poster : Write a poster ….
    a) Early marriage. 99%
    b) Covid – 19/Vaccine. 99%
    c) Dangerous of drug addiction. 99%
    d) Dangue/Chikungunia. 99%
    e) Road Accident/Safety of life in Roads. 99%
    f) awareness against corruption. 98%

ii) Advertisement : Prepare an advertisement for ..
a) A new Shampoo. 99%
b) Flat to-let. 99%
c) Officer assistant in a company/Teacher. 99%
d) lossing of academic certificate. 99%
e) Part time teachers in English. 99%
f) Facility of an organisation/company. 98%

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